Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 7(2017) 4, pp. 172 – 183
Paper reference number: HAE-143
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Mirjana Matešić*

* Croatian business Council for sustainable Development, Zagreb, Croatia



Critical thinking on circular economy in this paper stresses the need for new approach to industrial production, which takes into account consumption avoidance and restrictions of resource usage. Circular economy replaces dig – use – dispose concept still so common in our linear economy. To fully implement circular economy, we need paradigm shift of how we create the process of product design, materials, production, consumption, business models and systems in place and to rethink the saving that implementation of this concept will bring to the producers. Paper analyses public policies that arrange circular economy. It is aiming to point out that we are talking about the concept far more complex than the separate waste collection systems and recycling which are the methods that are most commonly used to describe circular economy. Paper discusses current quality of public policies, weather it is sufficient for circular economy and shortcomings of the current systems.

Keywords: circular economy, resource consumption, economy, business