Professional paper
Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 7(2017) 2, pp. 112 – 119
Paper reference number: HAE-133
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Ingrid Součková*

* Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia



Public environmental awareness is one of the most important indicators for showing civilizational values. It reflects many as pects of environmental status, such as people´s knowledge, personal consideration and behavior and the human attitude towards sustainable society as a whole. All of the information is useful for environmentalists, businessmen, decision makers or educators in planning social sustainable development. Protecting our environment is the most important part of implementing this strategy. From this point of view, government, private enterprises, and individuals each plays a special role for developing a sustainable society. All parts should join together and cooperate with each other to make environmental quality improvements. Based upon a survey on environ products and environmental awareness, this paper provides the results of the questionnaire survey on the public´s perception of the local environmental quality and performance and of their willingness to pay for improving environmental quality and making green purchases. The results indicate that people are not satisfied with the environmental quality. The amount of household electrical, electronic and other equipment has increased dramatically and most of them are phased out within their product lifetimes. We would like identify willingness of people share environmental responsibility. Willing to pay for environmental improvement and to purchase environmentally friendly products. How many of all the respondents would chose reuse and recycle waste.

Keywords: environment, environmental awareness, “green” thinking, eco-labeling, public perception