Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 7(2017) 2, pp. 94 – 102
Paper reference number: HAE-121
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Jiři Moskalik*, Ladislav Šnajdárek*, Otakar Štelcl*

* Department of Power Engineering, Energy Institute, Brno, Czech Republic



Energy Engineering brings together a wide range of scientific disciplines. In energetic industry, thermal analysis can be used for determining of properties of fuels, construction materials, seal, ash and others. This research is focused especially on measurement of fuel properties and mass changes of fuel during combustion. As fuel was using biomass, especially it was pellets of rape. Second aim of research is observation of mass changes in ash. Good knowledge of the energy properties of fuels seems to be very important for the proper design of combustion and gasification facilities. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is one of methods of thermal analysis. TGA is one of the advanced methods for testing materials and fuels by temperature increase. In thermogravimetric analyser, it is possible to simulate thermal conditions which are similar to conditions by combustion or gasification. Thanks to the accurate measurement of weight loss and record of measured data we can deduce changes that fuel material undergoes during these processes.

Keywords: thermogravimetric analysis, water content, content of ash, content of volatile matter, thermal analysis