Professional paper
Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 7(2017) 1, pp. 58 – 63
Paper reference number: HAE-107
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Mariusz Wnęk*, Maciej Rozpondek**

* Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy, Silesian University of Technology, Katowice, Poland

** Katowice School of Technology, Poland



The paper presents a system of drying and heating the metallurgical ladles. The ladle heating parameters significantly affect the metallurgical processes. The heating process target of the ceramic ladle lining can reduce the steel temperature in the furnace. It resulted in reduction of energy consumption what is an economic benefit. Adopted drying and heating rate of the ladle depends on the ladle refractory lining – an alkaline or an aluminosilicate. The temperature field uniformity of ceramic lining is a basic technological requirement. The presented industrial research shows the way of the ladle heating where the self-recuperative burner was used. The recuperative burner application gives the rapid increasing of the preheated air temperature what has resulted in the reduction of fuel consumption for the same thermal power. The examinations of the two ladles heating process were presented and the energy efficiency of that process was identified.

Keywords: ladle, self-recuperative burner, heating, energy reduction