Preliminary communication
Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 6(2016) 3, pp. 117 – 123
Paper reference number: HAE-118
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Heda Festini*

* Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zadar, Croatia



Recently the number of Marx’s works has significantly increased on publishers’ lists in the US. Especially prominent are discussion of Marx as the founder of ecology. J. B. Foster’s Book Marx’s Ecology (2000) is in this respect particularly noteworthy. The central theses of the book are: the author’s interpretation of Marx’s so-called positivism and the explanation of the original anti-mechanistic and historical features of Marx’s materialism. In light of these two theses, I offer a comparison with my article “Marksova koncepcija znanosti kao prirodne znanosti o čovjeku” (1969) (“Marx’s Conception of Science as Natural Science of Human Beings”) and draw out significant similarities. I conclude that if we earlier missed an opportunity to base ecology on such foundations, we should not pass up the same opportunity after the appearance of Foster’s book.

Keywords: Marx, materialism, ecology, natural science, science of human nature, comparison