Original scientific paper
Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 6(2016) 2, pp. 63 – 74
Paper reference number: HAE-113
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Miroslav Mišković*

* Retired archeology professor, Zagreb, Croatia



The idea for this work appeared before 1986 and is presented in the article “The Scientific-technological revolution and the historical consciousness”. According to the  level of knowledge and awareness at that time, the article described the implications of scientific and technological revolution-how in the application of new methods in archaeological, anthropological and historical research, as well significant impact of contemporary social and technological changes on the overall picture of our understanding of the past. Lately I realized that this remarques should be added with an element that forms the modernity and the future, and will certainly become dominant ‘overall developments in society, and that is the environmental issue. Only in deepest historical perspective the significance of this new moment will receive its full importance. This article seeks to move a current limit of the history of 6,000 years or less, at about 30-40000y., i.e. to the beginning of the emancipation of the (sub) species Homo sapiens sapiens from its hominoid ancestors and / or relatives; here the term “deep history” indicates the original or the oldest part of history as an integral part, and the term “prehistory” means the pre-human or not -human creatures from the past. Another key thesis of the article is to establish a “common denominator” of the overall development of humanity to be found in the development of semiotic (signifying) ability of people like the moment that sets them apart from the ancestors and represents the continuing evolution as the development of cultural attributes .Moving from older to newer semiotic circuits marked by a kind of “revolutions”. Biological and sexual maladjustment of the human species cause the formation of culture and her evolution, to which cannot be seen the end.

Keywords: archeology, history, “deep history”, prehistory, semiotics