Professional paper
Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 5(2015) 4, pp. 178 – 196
Paper reference number: HAE-103
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Arshad Ali*, Shajeha Shahzad*, Imran Hashim*

* National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan



Water quality of fresh water basins in Pakistan is being degraded because of human actions. Surface water quality at Angoori road, Phulgaran, Baheria golf city which are the main tributaries of river Korang, Rawal Lake and WASA filtration plant were investigated during June and April. Physico-chemical parameters including heavy metal detection of the water samples and possible sources of contamination were analyzed. The study showed that the pollution level in all the sampling sites is rising because of discharge of domestic wastes, poultry waste, agricultural activities and solid waste dumping directly into the sites. Parameters like COD, DO, TA and TSS and metals like lead and cadmium exceeded the permissible limits as compared with USEPA, PakEPA and WHO standards. The contamination level is higher in June as compared to April. The two station Angoori road and Rawal Lake are more contaminated as compared to other sites. Moreover WASA filtration plant is working efficiently it decreases the amount of contaminants coming from all sites and the water quality is fit for drinking.

Keywords: river Korang, surface water quality, physico-chemical parameters, heavy metal