Professional paper
Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 5(2015) 2, pp. 77 – 97
Paper reference number: HAE-100
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Ivana Grčić*, Ekatarina Kristan*, Anera Švarc*, Maja Krčelić*, Maja Stefanović*, Oskar Ježovita*, Dinko Vujević**, Aleksandra Anić Vučinić**, Natalija Koprivanac*

* University of Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Zagreb, Croatia

** University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering, Varaždin, Croatia



Considering co-ownership in Nuclear Power Plant Krško, Republic of Croatia has a responsibility towards radioactive waste disposal after its decommission. Besides that, as a member of European Union, Republic of Croatia should follow the rules prescribed by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and should propose the most appropriate site for disposal of Low and Intermediated radioactive waste (LILW). The results of technical reports and expert opinion regarding proposal of possible sites for radioactive waste disposal has raised certain controversies and public dispute. As a possible contribution to solution of this issue, a multi-criteria decision making approach (MCDM) was applied in this work, relying on Croatian strategic framework and guidelines for sustainable development. The most appropriate site was found to be Trgovska gora (score of multi-criteria analysis is 0.9400). Furthermore, possible environmental impacts of the project concerning permanent radioactive waste underground repository are discussed, following the guidelines of the Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) scoping and considering the existing environment of the selected site.

Keywords: strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment, low and medium-level radioactive waste disposal, multi-criteria decision-making