Original scientific paper
Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 4(2014) 2, pp. 67 – 78
Paper reference number: HAE-45
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Filip Šipoš*

* Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia



In this paper the perspectives will be outlined from which the function and position of university could be altered, consolidated and improved, in the light of recent and current attempts of destabilisation of university.  External causes of course are not the only culprit for gradually reduced role that university has in Croatian scientific, cultural and social scene. Students‟ struggle that started in spring 2009, caused a lot of commotion in public and showed injustices and inconsistencies in higher education system. The fight for free education was then articulated for the first time. Main thesis of this paper is that if the “burden of autonomy” is skilfully handled and properly situated, the “fundament of the university” can be strengthened. Improvement of the university as a whole can only be achieved through the permanent dialogue and cooperation between its components (faculties) and by strengthening relation faculty-university. Main question is how to change frames and relationships within the university itself in cooperation with institutions responsible for participation in the processes of creating science and social politics, without directly imperilling the autonomy of university.

Keywords: university, educational policy, Croatian educational system, EU’s educational guidelines