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Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 4(2014) 2, pp. 79 – 85
Paper reference number: HAE-76
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Lukas Pilar*, Pavel Slouka*, Jan Hrdlicka**

* Nuclear Research Institute Řež, Czech Republic

** Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic



In recent time, carbon dioxide capture from fossil fuel fired power plants is a highly actual topic for research and development. The paper is focused on issue of CCS technology implementation into a production unit of a lignite coal fire power plant as well as into a combined cycle gas fired plant in the Czech Republic. There are various methods of CO2 capture. In this paper post-combustion scrubbing as the reference technology is used. In the paper several interactions and the most important impacts on the studied power plants are shown. The most discussed impact is overall decrease of net efficiency of the production unit. For the case of coal combustion, the efficiency is decreases by 10.7 % points by application of the post-combustion capture technology. In the case of combined gas cycle, the decrease is by 8.5 % points. The main reason of this decrease is high electricity consumption for compression and pumping work in the scrubbing system. In addition, increased consumption of water is not negligible.

Keywords: CCS–carbon, capture and storage, lignite coal, fossil fuel, carbon dioxide, combustion