Original scientific paper
Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 2(2012) 1, pp. 29 – 40
Paper reference number: HAE-25
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Tomislav Krznar*

* University of Applied Sciences, Karlovac, Croatia



In this paper the author tries to examine the background of the contemporary destruction of natural environment. Even a superficial analysis suggests that the problem of destruction of life on Earth, which is especially noticeable in the context of Western societies, is not just a problem that could be looked up in one dimension or horizon (for example, economical or political), but it requests deeper analysis of cultural and scientific models which lie down in the very bottom of phenomenon of destruction. Therefore the author analyzes the concept of knowledge as a basis of Western science. The central idea of this paper is that the knowledge, which is founded up on mechanicism, particular approach and commercial imperative, is necessarily destructive. This kind of destruction can be seen in destruction of natural environment which is, in the same time, the destruction of cultural patterns. Consequently, a new paradigm of knowledge should be made and it should be founded up on the ideas of holism, integrative thinking and respect for the life.  The author suggests that the new paradigm could be developed in the framework of integrative bioethics which offers thematic and methodological potential of binding many diverse areas of intellectual work. Integrative bioethics also opens a possibility of activism which is essentially important for effective solving of problems of destruction of life.

Keywords: knowledge, environment, destruction, philosophy, integrative bioethics