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Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 11(2021) 4, pp. 122 – 127
Paper reference number: HAE-1967
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Kanchan Puri*, Arumugam Senthil Vel*, Natesan Manoharan**, Rathinam Arthur James**, Ritesh Joshi*

* Government of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, India

** Bharathidasan University, Department of Marine Science, Tamil Nadu, India



It is now widely acknowledged that the impact of human activities on environment is significant and will have serious consequences for future generations. Environment education has a significant role in making the youth conscious about their environment, adopting green social behaviour and thus responding to the environment crises. Recognizing the importance and need of environment education, India has initiated several efforts including making the environment education compulsory at all level of education. Today when environmental conditions are changing adversely and all living beings are suffering from the negative consequences of environmental pollution and climate changes, there is a need to reorient the curriculum of environment education for making it more attractive and responsive to the local environmental issues. Moreover, related policies are also needed to be restructured for sensitizing the people, especially school and college level students about the issues related to environment management.

Keywords: environment education, challenges, opportunities, India, curriculum
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