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Published in: Holistic Approach Environ. 10(2020) 3, pp. 78 – 83
Paper reference number: HAE-1923
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Aysegul Pala*,**, Ecem Kocabıyık*, Gunes Kursun***

* Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Izmir, Turkey

** Dokuz Eylül University, Center for Environmental Research and Development, Izmir, Turkey

*** Dokuz Eylül University, The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Izmir, Turkey



The aim of this study is technical and statistical evaluation of wastewater treatment plants existing at the holiday resorts in areas surrounding Izmir City. The study was carried out in the time period from August to September 2018. Within the scope of the study, 150 holiday resorts were investigated and listed. The necessary permissions were obtained and the treatment plants were visited at their current locations. Most of the wastewater treatment plants are embedded in the ground and are referred to as package treatment systems. They are used at holiday resorts for many reasons, such as smell and noise control. Many parameters have been considered within the scope of the study, such as installed power of the plant, influent wastewater flow and pollutant concentration, the properties of the sludge, sludge disposal methods, effluent wastewater parameters, the method and location of effluent water discharge, operation period of the wastewater treatment plant. As a result of this study, it has been found that the low cost package treatment systems were generally preferred. The systems that required most energy were the blowers. In order to provide clean and smooth environment, the use of central wastewater treatment plants is more suitable than the use of package treatment systems.

Keywords: holiday resorts, domestic wastewater, wastewater treatment plant, package treatment
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